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Since 1998, the LTS has taken out liability and legal protection insurance for its members, which also includes landowners. In 2008 the insurance protection was newly regulated, a total of four countrywide valid policies for all South Tyrolean tourism associations were concluded, a liability and legal protection insurance for all activities of a tourism organisation as well as a liability and legal protection insurance especially for pathway maintainers and landowners.

In 2019 the liability policy was put out to tender again and concluded with the insurer AXA XL. Extended coverage/guarantees and a higher sum insured were achieved.

The insurance covers all parties and events, parades of all kinds, music concerts, excursions and guided tours, trade fairs, tournaments, sporting events, the distribution of food and drink as well as the ownership, management and maintenance of tourist facilities and installations, playgrounds, ski lifts, toboggan runs, cross-country skiing trails, natural toboggan runs which are not connected to lifts, ice rinks, swimming pools, climbing gardens and climbing towers, etc. The insurance is extended to all employees and volunteers of tourism organisations.

The insurance also covers all hiking trails, walking trails and mountain bike trails, including downhill routes in South Tyrol, with the exception of the supra-municipal cycle routes (District Community Competence). The insurance covers the first risk of the routes of the tourism organisations as well as the second risk for all other path maintainers (AVS, CAI, nature parks, Stelvio National Park, national domains). In addition, all owners and/or tenants of the adjoining properties and infrastructures are also insured. Insured are damages due to deficiencies on paths and/or the infrastructures located on or in the immediate vicinity of the paths (bridges, fences, benches, viewing platforms), damages due to poor maintenance, poor signage, agricultural and forestry activities, the use of agricultural machinery within a radius of 100 metres of the paths. Damage caused by grazing animals and shepherd dogs within this radius is also covered.

The insurance companies are AXA XL and Roland Rechtsschutz.

In addition to this insurance LTS has made an agreement with Tiroler Versicherung via its broker Assiconsult GmbH for tourism organisations to get favourable premiums on overall business insurance (fire, burglary, theft, vandalism, water, etc.). There is also comprehensive insurance for private vehicles, which applies to trips in private vehicles belonging to administrators, employees, trainees, part-time staff and all other persons travelling on behalf of the Tourist Information Office. The premium is dependent on mileage; the amount insured is up to a maximum of 20,000 EUR with an excess of 10 per cent and a minimum of 250 EUR. Risks covered are theft, fire, natural events, vandalism and personal injury and broken windscreen.