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The subject of safety at work in all its facets is relevant to tourism organisations. In order to assist our members we have organised a compulsory course for all employees (March and April 2013). The safety at work course must be attended by all employees, independent of the number of hours worked per month and the type of employment contract held (1).

Employees will receive a course completion certificate which should be kept by the company. This certificate is valid for 5 years even if the employee leaves the tourism organisation.

Employees that were employed before 21.12.2007 must attend an 8 hour training session. Employees employed after this date who have already undergone training (written proof required) must complete a 6 hour refresher course within 5 years.

Non-compliance with this new requirement will eventually result in (2) imprisonment for one month and a fine of up to 1,200 Euros.

The refresher course must be taken within 5 years after completion of the basic course and is then valid for a further 5 years. For further information and seminar registration please follow this link.


[1] Annual, seasonal, placement contract, coupons;

[2] Bolzano Sanitätsbetrieb [medical centre], section 19 work, section 26 fire protection and civil defence;